A Disney fairytale princess winds up in modern-day New York City. To learn more about Enchanted or purchase, click on the DVD image below.

Horton Hears A Who

A playful pachyderm named Horton becomes a reluctant hero when he discovers the microscopic city of Who-ville on a floating speck of dust and embarks on a hilarious adventure to save the town from the dangers of the jungle. Featuring a who’s who of superstar...

Nanny McPhee Returns

Make way for more fun and laughs as Academy Award winner Emma Thompson reprises her role as the magical Nanny McPhee in the film critics call “the perfect family movie!” To learn more or to purchase about “Nanny McPhee Returns”, please click on...

Nanny McPhee

In this wickedly charming tale, Emma Thompson portrays the mysterious Nanny McPhee, who has special magical powers that she uses to attempt to tame seven very naughty children. To learn more or to purchase, click on the DVD image below.

Monsters Inc.

Lovable Sulley and Mike Wazowski are the top scare team at MONSTERS, INC., the scream-processing factory in Monstropolis. When a little girl named Boo wanders into their world, monsters are scared silly, and it’s up to Sulley and Mike to get her back home. If...