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Jana Kemp Business Services

Jana Kemp offers a range of business services including:

Keynotes &  Presentations

Rally your teams, association members, or individual contributors for better decision making and improved communication with a presentation by internationally recognized keynote speaker Jana Kemp.

Meeting Facilitation

Make your corporate retreats, planning sessions and meetings “happening” events with an experienced meeting facilitator. You will elevate the participation level and accomplish goals more efficiently when all the participants feel they are heard, a part of the process, and committed to following through on agreed upon actions. Whatever the climate or setting for your meeting, Jana Kemp will keep it on track, get action-commitments from participants, and make things happen.

Meeting Moderation

When your meeting or conference needs more than facilitation, provide stage presence and flair with Jana Kemp as your Moderator or Emcee. Jana’s experience as an on-air radio and television personality brings a high-energy and professional presence that invigorates meetings and events. As your Moderator, Jana Kemp guides your group, forum, or panel, maintains timeliness, and handles dialogue between presenters and attendees.

Training & Workshops

Get aerobically engaging training from Jana Kemp, author of Moving Meetings (McGraw Hill, 1994), NO! How One Simple Word Can Transform Your Life (AMACOM, 2005), Building Community in Buildings (Praeger, 2007), Moving Out of the Box: Team Tools for Decision Making (Praeger, 2007), and Prepared Not Paranoid (Prager, 2008). Invite Jana to present at your next conference or staff retreat. Your participants will thank you.

Writing Services

Are you stuck trying to get a business report or wanting to get that book written but just can’t seem to find the time? Jana Kemp works with organizational leaders to produce business reports and authors for idea generation, book organization, editing and writing collaboration.

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