Keynote Presentations

Jana M Kemp As Speaker & Trainer

Rally your teams, association members, or individual contributors for better decision making and productive meetings with a keynote or conference presentation by internationally recognized keynote speaker Jana Kemp.

Jana Kemp’s keynote presentations are inspiring as well as practical with numerous examples and strategies for better decision making and meeting management.

Topics For Keynote Presentations

The Power of No!

Discover the The Power of No! Learn how one simple word can transform your life. Participants will walk away with the key to making better decisions of all kinds – whether the answer is yes or no. They will also learn the ChoiceMarks for better decision making so that meeting groups can get themselves unstuck and start making better decisions.    No!

Audiences: Individual contributors with decision-making responsibilities, Team Leaders, Managers & Organizational Leaders

Building Community in Buildings

Based on Kemp’s book of the same title, this keynote presentation speaks to the six characteristics critical to building and remodeling workspaces that are productive and creative. The HRD(2) Model draws on architecture and green-building techniques as well as from the field of human resources to ensure that best-possible workspaces are built. Some have described the conversation as AIA meets HR.   Building Community

Audiences: Engineers, Architects, Building Owners, Property Manager and Human Resource professionals.

Time Management

Learn what time savers and time-wasters are and how to improve time management in twelve key areas: attitude, goals, priorities, analyzing, planning, scheduling, interruptions, meetings, paperwork, delegation, procrastination, and time teamwork.

Audience: Professionals, Supervisors, Managers & Organizational Leaders who are challenged by time.

Communicating for Life

Communication is the threshold of human interconnectedness. Without it teams fall apart, businesses fail, communities fragment, and families disintegrate. As creator of the Intimate Communication Model, Jana Kemp brings to life the seven stages of communicating for connection.

Audience:  Team members and team leaders who want to improve and enhance the quality of the communication within their team.

Keynote Presentations Include:

•30-45 minutes of presentation
•Followed by a 15 to 30 minutes of question and answer period
•A separate 60 minute roundtable discussion with 20 or less participants of your choosing, on the same day as the keynote presentation.

Keynote Fees

•Call for package pricing. Travel is roundtrip from Boise, Idaho.
•Please call 1.800.701.9447 to explore what will work best for your group.