Meeting Facilitation

Get Results Through Expert Meeting Facilitation

Make your corporate retreats, planning sessions and meetings “happening” events with an experienced meeting facilitator. With professional meeting facilitation, you will elevate the participation level and accomplish goals more efficiently when all the participants feel they are heard, a part of the process, and committed to following through on agreed upon actions. Facilitation image

Whatever the climate or setting for your meeting, Jana Kemp will keep it on track, get action-commitments from participants, and make things happen.

Jana Kemp’s Meeting Facilitation Services include:

Prior to the Meeting

•Research and content preparation
•Establishing background understanding
•Developing advance agendas
•Development of model group processes
•Define meeting purposes and outcomes

During the Meeting

•Lead participants through agendas to accomplish objectives
•Facilitate energetic and productive group processes
•Maintain focus
•Capture ideas and insights
•Guide the group to actionable items and next steps

Following the Meeting

•Post-meeting summary document and next meeting agenda items

Facilitator Services Include:

•Meeting Planning

Facilitator Fees

•Call for pricing. Travel is roundtrip from Boise, Idaho.
•Please call 1.800.701.9447 to explore what will work best for your group.

Meeting Facilitation Training Program

Unfortunately, Jana Kemp cannot be at every meeting! So, for those of you who want (or need) more information on how you can improve your meetings, book Jana now to train your company’s key employees how to have more effective meetings.

For more information, go to:  Meeting Facilitation Training