Training and Workshops

Training and Workshops

Get aerobically engaging training programs and workshops from Jana Kemp, author of Moving Meetings (McGraw Hill, 1994), NO! How One Simple Word Can Transform Your Life (AMACOM, 2005), Building Community in Buildings (Praeger, 2007), Moving Out of the Box: Team Tools for Decision Making (Praeger, 2007), and Prepared Not Paranoid (Praeger, 2008). Invite Jana to present at your next meeting or conference. Your participants will thank you.Effective Meetings

Programs & Workshops

Better Meetings For Everyone

Known internationally for her meeting expertise, Jana Kemp brings structure and style to meetings so that every meeting results in action. Each presentation in this program is based on Jana’s book Moving Meetings (McGraw Hill, 1994) and will get your meeting skills moving right along.

This program consists of 4 Sessions:

  • Agendas To Get Things Done
  • Leading Effective Meetings
  • Minute-taking That Matters
  • Follow Up For Success

Meeting Facilitation Training

In this training workshop, participants learn how to facilitate meetings.

To learn more, go to: Meeting Facilitation Training


Make best-possible decisions by balancing consensus driven decisions with command-and-control decision-making. Based on Jana Kemp’s book Moving Out of the Box (2007).

During the decision-making training workshop, participants will explore and evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of 5  modes of decision-making within an organization including:

1. The Solitary Decision

2. The Input Decision

3. The Delegated Decision

4. The Majority Rules Decision

5. The Decision Made By Consensus

The focus of this workshop will be on learning how to determine the appropriate use of each decision making mode as well as how to communicate and assign decision-making responsibility within a team or organization.

Moving Out of the Box Decision-Making

Make best-possible decisions by balancing consensus driven decisions with command-and-control decision-making.When teams get stuck, expanding the conversation before reaching a decision ensures better-made decisions. Learn the ChoiceMarks model for reaching decision. Based on Jana Kemp’s book Moving Out of the Box (2007).

Project teams are the rule, rather than the exception, in today’s organizations. But, thanks to the pressure of performance goals, conflicting agendas, and political jockeying, few teams make consistently superior decisions.

In the Moving Out of the Box Decision-Making workshop, participants will learn tested methods and tools that teams and leaders can use to improve their performance level.  The focus of this training program is based on five decision-making profiles:

1. Anti-survival

2. Boxed-in

3. Neutral

4. Engaged enthusiasm

5. Extreme excitement

Understanding and managing these group profiles will help you to guide your group toward the most effective end point.

Reclaim Your Day with the Power of NO

Protecting your time and yourself is critical to being productive and being able to enjoy life. Learn the Power of No model (Purpose, Options, When, Emotions, Rights & Responsibilities) for protecting yourself. Based on Jana Kemp’s book NO! How One Simple Word Can Transform Your Life (2005).

After doing a quick activity and defining “no” and why we say it, participants will take the Power of No Self-Assessment. The Power of No Model will be introduced in an interactive process, followed by defining participants’ personal Policy of No. Power of No Consequences will be evaluated. Verbal and nonverbal “nos” will be reviewed in a variety of activities, followed by discussions and practices around “maybe” and “yes.” Participants will create an action plan detailing how they will apply the skills.

During this workshop, you will:

  • Assess your ability to say “no.”
  • Discover and practice using the Power of No Model.
  • Analyze the consequences.
  • Create your Policy of No.
  • Gain confidence in your ability to say “no” and mean it.
  • Learn to stop saying “maybe.”
  • Gain confidence in your ability to say “yes” and follow through.

Prepared Not Paranoid

Feeling concerned about your safety but not interested in a self-defense class? Then this session is the right way to learn how to be prepared for life’s crazy-factors and yet not become paranoid about your safety. Discover your feel-safe quotient and build your plan of action for being more prepared. Based on Jana Kemp and Doug Graves’ book Prepared Not Paranoid (2008).

To learn more, go to: Prepared Not Paranoid

Time Management for Terrific Days

Discover your time savers and your time wasters. Learn what you can do to find more minutes in the day and more hours in the week. Based on 20 years of work in the time management field, Jana Kemp brings to life the challenges of managing work, life, and family.

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Building Community in Buildings

Community spaces matter to people working in buildings. Learn from companies such as HP and Pfizer how creating community spaces in office buildings leads to greater innovation and productivity. Based on Jana Kemp and Ken Baker’s book Building Community in Buildings(2007).

To learn more, go to: Building Community In Buildings