Family Friendly Good Reads

Family Friend Good Reads

Family friendly good reads and programs seem more and more difficult to find in general media outlets. Here is a list that you can feel safe sharing with your family members. I’ll highlight the story and the age-appropriateness or interest level of each selection.

Whether you read out loud, listen to your children reading, or sit side-by-side reading to yourselves – reading WITH your kids is a good investment. Children who are read to and listened to are more healthy, do better in school, increase their vocabularies, and improve their knowledge of the world and their problem solving skills. READ is the call to action of libraries and educators alike.

Usborne Books

Usborne Books first came to my attention at a tradeshow in 2009 or so. The quality of the books, the illustrations, stories they tell, and skills they build captivated me. I bought some books for our home and I even helped a non-profit team get some of the art books for their school art-teaching programs! I continue to appreciate the Usborne Books because of the reasons above and because they’ve tied their content to Common Core Standards for education – which helps all children learn to think, process, and make decisions in ever better ways.

Two of my favorites children’s books include:

Anna Hibiscus

· Anna Hibiscus

· There’s a Mouse About the House


Theres a mouse in the house

To explore the catalog of books that can meet your newborn to tenth-grader reading needs, click here: Usborne Books

My company is an independent consultant selling Usborne/Kane-Miller and EDC books. Usborne Publishing Ltd. has no connections except to provide available books as ordered.


In addition to Usborne books, I recommend the following children’s authors and their books. All of these books are available through Click on the books to learn more about the books and the author.

Heidi Hecklebeck Series

Mercy Watson Series

Emily Windsnap Series

Fancy Nancy Series


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