Get Results – through expert meeting facilitation!

JSuccessful Team Meetingana Kemp’s hallmark is getting groups to reach decisions that are followed by implemented actions. Through Jana’s aerobic listening skills, detailed agenda organization, people skills that allow for process flexibility while accomplishing the agenda, and her dedication to effective use of every minute, groups get things done as a result of her expert facilitation.

Jana Kemp 2011As the result of 20 years of service to clients in all sectors, Jana Kemp is a recognized national and international expert on effective meetings and decision-making. Her work includes meeting facilitation, workshops, and conference presentations that bring action-oriented ideas alive for every day workplace and life decisions.

Jana passionately teaches others about effective decision making and meeting management.

If you want to become more effective in the decisions you make and enhance your organization’s meeting productivity, you will want to hire Jana!

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