Good Reads

Good Reads: Whether you love reading on your own, enjoy participating in book club discussions, or are just looking for one good book to read, this section is for you!

Each of the books I’ve chosen to highlight here, I’ve read. During the four years I hosted a live radio program, I had the privilege to read and interview a variety of business authors. Interestingly, when I read a book and then interviewed the author, I could tell whether the author was easy for his/her publisher and editor to work with or whether the author presented a challenge to work with to complete the book. A publicist in Chicago marveled at my ability to read quickly, capture the “right content to talk about” and to “peg the author’s personality.” All of which plays into finding Good Reads!

How do I find the books? Let me recount the ways.

  • Library recommendations

  • Bookstore recommendations. One of our locally owned bookstores identifies Staff Picks and has a section dedicated to showcasing what book clubs are reading.

  • Book reviews in publications – both hardcopy and online

  • Recommendations from trusted friends

  • Book club – I joined a Boise area book club in 2000 and still participate in the monthly gatherings. What I’ve most enjoyed is that I’ve read books I wouldn’t have found otherwise, traveled the world through the pages we’ve read, and enlarged my perspectives through listening to the comments of the smart, well-traveled women around the table. We’ve also enjoyed hosting authors such as Amy Jones (books recommended here).

  • Walking through a bookstore and stumbling onto a title I just have to read. That’s how I found “The Art of Hearing Heartbeats” and now want to read more from author Jan-Philipp Sendker.

Carefully curated content that is worth your time to read! With each selection I highlight why the book is worthwhile, without giving away the story.

Click on the book image to learn more about each recommended selection.


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