Jana as a Thought Leader

This is a title given to me by others. At first it surprised me, then I felt, and still feel, honored. Individuals, organizations, publishers, broadcasters, journalists, and multiple media outlets ask me to contribute each week of the year.

To me being a thought leader includes the following.

  • Illuminated Light BulbKnowing what is going on in the world around us
  • Being well read and well acquainted with multiple ideas that may sometimes be in conflict with each other
  • Gathering information from a variety of sources, making sense of it and being able to share that “sense” with others for them to determine how they will, or will not, take action on the ideas and information
  • Being a constant learner from multiple media
  • Providing well-thought-out ideas that provoke meaningful thinking and discussions by others.

What is your definition? I ask because being a leader is not about dominating the discussion, feel free to join in!

Do thought leaders have responsibilities?  YES they do.

Thought leaders are responsible for sharing ideas that are respectful to all; information that is as accurate as possible; and for behaving in ways that are respectful. Can thought leaders be provocative? Of Course.  Are thought leaders trend setters? Sometimes yes, and often times no because their out-there ideas don’t catch on enough to turn into a trend.

Can anyone be a thought leader? Sure, however not everyone is recognized as a thought leader. Thought leaders become such once people begin tuning in and listening up repeatedly, then sharing the ideas gleaned with others while citing the source such that others begin tuning in too.

Are you a Thought Leader? How? And in what ways? On what subjects? Tell us more!

Individuals, organizations, publishers, broadcasters, journalists, and multiple media outlets ask Jana Kemp to contribute thoughts and content to them each week of the year. Over the years I’ve been quoted in such places as: O the Magazine; The Christian Science Monitor; UK’s Glamour; NBC Affiliate a.m. and noon-time news shows; Family Fun magazine; USA Today; and hundreds of lesser known publications.

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