Jana Kemp’s multifaceted interests shine in Nesting. As an author, facilitator, community contributor, business owner, and parent, Jana watches for the ways in which we nest to create HOME, and shares her discoveries in the blog Nesting

Nesting: is a blog about the objects and experiences that create a sense of home. Without home, it is difficult to maintain health, find joy, or to be productive during our workdays. I hope you enjoy the Nesting series of blogs as much as I enjoy writing them. –Jana

Last week while vacuuming, I couldn’t push the unit across my low-pile carpet. So, I turned it off, unplugged it and found that a nest had built itself around the roller-brush. Such a big nest (the attempted photo insert must have been too obnoxious. The image wouldn’t upload!) that the roller could not roll. Vacuum cleaner nests can build up without our realizing it, in our vacuums, and in our lives.

Here’s what I mean by a vacuum cleaner nest of life: sometimes we go around picking up other people’s kids, managing family member medical appointments, shuttling other people’s projects – even completing their projects, and suddenly we have no time or energy left for ourselves. A life vacuum-nest also means to me that while we are doing good things for others, a build-up of materials or to-do list items drains us or slows us down, getting in our own way of good health and forward progress.

Think of the cars you’ve walked past and wondered how anyone can fit in as a passenger – this is a car nest in need of a cleaning. Recall your front hall closet, when was the last time you cleaned it out? Do you really need the gloves that no longer fit anyone in the house? Speaking of front hall areas, one year, we had a pet rat (something I NEVER thought would happen). One day, the rat managed to escape its cage and burrow into a book bag to nest for three days. I called the exterminator company – and declined to pay hundreds of dollars to have them find the rat. Thankfully, a cousin came and not only found the rat, but took it home to be his pet. Whew!

Also, check out your linen closet. If you haven’t used an item there in a year or more, get rid of it – donate, garage sale, or trash it. Which vacuum cleaner nests, or life nests, are you ready to clean out? The car? The closet? Your vacuum – literally? The garage? The shed? The storage unit – yes, they are giant life-nests that slow us down and can drain life energy! Or pick an area in your life that needs attention and a thorough cleaning. It is time to stop and clean out that crazy nest! Save yourself and your life energy!



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