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Jana Kemp is an author of 7 books on a range of topics related to decision-making and meeting management. She has also authored a book for children, Charlie’s Letter and a how to book on running for office, Run For Elected Office–And Win! Please find a complete list below of books by Jana.

Better Decision-Making

Better Meetings, written by Jana KempMoving Meetings

Moving Meetings offers step-by-step guidance on ensuring a successful meeting through careful preparation, mastery of essential communication skills, and active intervention to keep meeting participants focused on a meeting’s agenda and goals. You’ll learn to change meeting breakers, such as over scheduling, concluding without an action plan, and lack of leadership, into meeting makers — concrete strategies and tactics to keep meetings moving.

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No!, written by Jana KempNo! How One Simple Word Can Transform Your Life

If you’re afraid that saying “no” will cause a backlash with friends, family, or colleagues, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn that “no” can be a productive answer, and can put you in control of any situation – without turning you into a meanie. No! turns the word into a tool for personal power, and gives you new ways to help discussions and decisions move forward. This enlightening guide reveals how “no” can help you protect your time, money, family, and more. And it demonstrates that “no” is a legitimate word that doesn’t always need to be negotiated to “yes.”

To purchase go to: No! How One Simple Word Can Transform Your LifeNo! by Jana Kemp

Building Community in Buildings, co-authored by Jana Kemp

Building Community in Buildings: The Design and Culture of Dynamic Workplaces

Building Community in Buildings takes us on a fascinating journey through workplaces large and small, old and new, traditional and contemporary, to explore the dynamic relationships between people and the structures in which they work. Noting that a child born today will spend 90 percent of his or her life inside, Jana Kemp and Ken Baker integrate insights from management and building design to reveal new understandings about workplace productivity and performance. Showcasing dozens of examples—from office buildings to libraries to hospitals—the authors highlight innovative practies that utilize space to promote creativity and collaboration, improve morale and motivation, and ensure employee health and safety.

To purchase go to: Building Community in Buildings: The Design and Culture of Dynamic WorkplacesBuilding Communities by Jana Kemp

Moving Out of the Box, by Jana KempMoving Out of The Box: Tools For Team Decision Making

Decision tools for coming to consensus. Groups sometimes get stuck during decision making, thereby failing to make a decision or failing to make a best-possible decision. Kemp’s fourth book provides an expanded tool-set for reaching consensus. She also provides insights for effectively using consensus and collaboration skills alongside command and control skills for decision-making and leadership. Moving Out of the Box posits that command-and-control and reaching consensus skills are equally important in this millennium for leaders at all levels of business, government and the community.

(Hardcover, Prager; Softcover, Standford University Press)

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Prepared Not Paranoid, co-authored by Jana KempPrepared Not Paranoid: Lessons from Law Enforcement for Living Every Day Safely

In the wake of 9/11, many Americans feel their individual safety is threatened by forces they cannot control. Some take drastic measures and move from metropolitan areas thought to be targets, while most stay put and try to find ways to protect themselves in their homes, their workplaces, and their communities. Still, a sense of vulnerability or uncertainty can undermine feelings of safety and security. Today’s dangerous world calls for daily personal power that overcomes paranoia and puts people back in control of their lives and their sense of safety. Drawing on 34 years of law enforcement work and training, co-authors Doug Graves and Jana Kemp present useful information and practical guidelines for keeping yourself, family members, and co-workers as safe as possible every day.

To purchase, go to: Prepared Not Paranoid: Lessons from Law Enforcement for Living Every Day SafelyBuy Prepared Not Paranoid by Jana Kemp